The sun is an infinite source of energy for all life on earth. For several decades, we humans have been able to convert the light of this star into electricity and heat. In time, we can be independent from the use of fossil fuels. A smart approach is required to lead our pathway forward to a positive solar future. Juna Ray is therefore innovating in order to make solar energy affordable and available to all.


The energy produced by the Sun is a non-vanishing renewable source of energy. Every hour, enough sunlight reaches the Earth to meet the world’s energy demand for a whole year. Today, we need electricity every hour. Solar Energy can be generated for multiple applications like industrial, commercial, and residential. It can be easily drawn from direct sunlight, so it is efficient & free from environmental pollution.

The parts of a solar panel

Although advancements and developments are happening on the electronics part of the solar cell, a steep boost in the research field of material and manufacturing perspective is still needed. Artificial intelligence-based maximum power point tracking algorithms are the future of solar-based circuits. Fabrication of transparent solar cells, soar cells with more than one layer of light capturing materials, have the potential to be used for a vast number of applications. Innovative photovoltaic modules that can lay on road that can power LED lamps and can melt snow in winter are a few cutting-edge technologies from these materials, as well as a manufacturing point of view. Surprisingly, they have higher efficiency than traditional solar cells.

A Solar Farm

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